The Decks

I have collected tarot, oracle, Lenormand, and other decks and divination tools for nearly 30 years, so my collection is expansive. If there is a specific deck you’d like to have used for your customized tarot dossier, please make note of it in your initial contact request. Because my tools are also my personal collection, I have listed the ones requested most by clients. In addition to the listed decks, you may request for your dossier to include use of unlisted decks (if they are part of my collection), runes, pendulums, oracle dice, playing cards, bibliomancy, Magic 8 Ball (yes, the one from your childhood), and crystal grids. To learn more about specific decks, please visit  my deck reviews, or use the internet to research a specific deck. 


Unless specified otherwise,  tarot decks have 78 cards: 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.  


Oracle decks vary in the number of cards and meaning assigned to each card. Oracle cards are not generally read with reversals.  


Lenormand Decks have 36 cards, and are something of a cross between a traditional tarot deck and a deck of playing cards. Lenormand cards are not read with card reversals.  

  • Sawyer’s Path Lenormand 
  • Antiquarian Lenormand
  • Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand
  • Crooked Way Gothic Lenormand 

Other Divination Tools

In addition to traditional cartomancy systems, I can also read with Loteria cards, traditional playing cards, runes, pendulum card selections, bibliomancy, and tarot dice. If you have a specific divination tool you would like used, please contact me in advance to ensure availability.  

  • Spread Machine – Card spread generator by Kimberly Tsan
  • The Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice
  • Loteria deck
  • Labyrinth playing cards
  • RPG dice (for bibliomancy)
  • Obsidian pendulum
  • Magic 8 Ball (what all creepy kids start with)
  • Titania’s Love & Success Cards
  • Sideshow Freaks playing cards
  • Runes