Art & Objects

Coming Soon!

In addition to writing and tarot, I am a visual artist and maker. This page is under construction, and will include a gallery of my digital paintings, as well as links for purchase.

As a maker, I collaborate with Southern Witch Tarot to run an online vintage and metaphysical shop, Creepy Girl Trap. We specialize in the strange and unusual — vintage clothing, occult and creepy crafts, bespoke jewelry, upcycled household goods, and one-of-a-kind wonders. Look for more on this page soon, as well as links to our Redbubble shop, in-person pop-ups, festivals, and makers markets in both Florida and the West Coast.

Creepy Girl Trap West’s next pop-up event will be Redwood Poetry Festival 2023 in Eureka, CA, April 23-30, 2023. Registration for this week-long event is free, and includes poetry readings, workshops, generative tarot writing workshops, and more.