Creepy Girl Trap

Creepy Girl Trap is a small business that caters to everything dark and spooky, or as Lydia Deetz calls it, “the strange and unusual.” We specialize in hard-to-find, exclusive vintage clothing pieces, accessories, art, housewares, curios, collectibles, and curiosities. We believe in slowing down fast fashion and curating a collection that’s interesting and priced fairly. To learn more about our story, our sister business Creepy Girl Trap TLH, and why we do what we do, visit our About Us page.

Creepy Girl PDX has both a physical storefront booth in Memory Den PDX as well as an online store. Anything listed online is available for in-store pickup locally or can be shipped anywhere in the US. Shop PDX online or visit Creepy Girl Trap TLH to view online exclusives and shipping rates.

Creepy Girl Trap PDX is part vintage market, part art studio, and part creative gothic boutique. We source vintage pieces from many different decades, as well as modern second-hand pieces to fit a darker aesthetic style. We curate, create, and upcycle one-of-a-kind art pieces, crafts, jewelry, and more.

Many of our items are handmade, from art to jewelry to re-imagined and re-fashioned clothing and accessories. We have dollies both haunted and not-haunted (we interviewed them). We’ve filled a library of books full of scary stories to tell in the dark and movies to give you the creeps. It’s Halloween everyday here.

Creepy Girl Trap PDX also stocks metaphysical supplies, including books, poppets, and other magical tools. We are proud to be an authorized tarot distributor and take pride in only offering authentic decks from both independent tarot creators and major publishers such as US Games. You will never purchase a “bootlegged” or counterfeit deck when you shop with us.

In addition to our vintage home décor and lifestyle findings, we cater to subgenre fashions, cosplay, and costumes. We have curated a collection that caters to the “Creepy Girl” aesthetic (read more about what we mean by Creepy Girl here). Whether you’re into Cottagecore, Dark Academia, Goth, or New Wave, you’ll find something to fit your offbeat fashion at Creepy Girl Trap.

Shop our antiques and oddities to discover darkly delicious delights. From teacups to The Tempest, you can probably find it here. We invite you to get caught in the Creepy Girl Trap.


Step into a world of gothic charm at Creepy Girl Trap PDX, located inside Memory Den. This unique boutique blends vintage clothing with hauntingly beautiful art and mystical wares. Explore decades of fashion alongside one-of-a-kind creations or delve into the world of tarot and oracle decks.