Tarot Dossiers

What’s a Tarot Dossier?

The Cards

I offer dossiers using tarot, oracle, Lenormand, playing cards, and Loteria cards, all of which can be used in any combination the querent requests. If you are not sure about the deck that you prefer, please indicate that you would like me to match a deck to your reading. You may also make notes about type of deck you gravitate towards: playful, serious, dark, moody, Gothic, retro, vintage, etc. 

The Decks

 If there is a specific deck you’d like to have used for your customized tarot dossier, please make note of it in your initial contact request. In addition to the decks I have listed, you may request for your dossier to include use of other decks (if they are part of my collection), runes, pendulums, oracle dice, playing cards, bibliomancy, Magic 8 Ball (yes, the one from your childhood), and crystal grids. To learn more about specific decks, please visit my deck reviews, or use the internet to research a specific deck. 

The Query

 I am a Tarosophy Association certified empathic tarot reader with over 25 years of experience in cartomancy divination. My tarot dossiers deal in emotions, shadow work, grief, & creative intelligence. I welcome writers looking for ways out of writer’s block. For your query, think about what you’d like to take a deeper dive into, or an issue that you’re trying to come to terms with or resolve. You don’t have to provide specific details or personal information unless you want to. I’ll create a customized 4-6 card spread to approach your question from several angles & provide guideposts to help work towards your desired outcome. 


The Talismans

This is optional, of course, but because I’m an empath, your choice of music and talismans will  help me tune into your emotional intelligence for the reading. You may request songs, poems, quotes, artwork, or any other talismans (objects charged with intention.) Talismans will be transcribed and contextualized as part of your dossier. 

The Dossier

You will receive in the mail a photo of your spread, a diagram of your spread with context for each card and its position, my interpretation of the message, how to receive this information, and any additional divinatory information that provides clarity to the reading. For a small added fee, you can also request a customized poem to be included as part of the dossier. Your reading dossier will be delivered on quality stationary, handwritten in ink or typed on a vintage typewriter (your choice.) Your dossier will be presented in a file folder, like a traditional dossier, and will arrive with a wax seal. 

*All dossiers will be completed and posted within 10 – 14 business days. 

The Rules

  • The future is not fixed. I cannot predict life events; only the likely outcome of continuing a current path.
  • I am not a psychic. I cannot predict death, marriage, romance, pregnancy, or life events. Please do not ask for predictions of this nature in your query. 
  • I am not a therapist. In the event that you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call the  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,  800-273-8255. 
  • I do not deal in dark magic. I cannot, and will not, place hexes or curses. 
Visit the FAQ page for more specifics

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