Tarot Dossiers

What’s a Tarot Dossier?

What’s a tarot dossier you might ask? A tarot dossier is a written artifact that encompasses your tarot spread of choice so that you may preserve the reading for future reference, and to contemplate the messages at your leisure.

You will receive in the mail a photo of your spread, a diagram of your spread with your questions, my interpretation of the message, suggested guidance, & any additional divinatory information that provides clarity.

Your reading will be delivered on quality stationary, handwritten, or typed on a vintage typewriter. Your dossier will be presented in a file folder, like a traditional dossier, and will arrive with a wax seal.

Order a Dossier

Before You Order a Customized Tarot Dossier

Customized tarot dossiers, due to their unique composition, are priced according to their emotionally labor-intensive nature and written format. 

The reading itself is my GIFT to you, as a paying client when you order a custom tarot dossier. The cost of the tarot dossier is for my labor as a professional writer with 25 years of experience in my field as a tarot reader, creative writer, and professional marketing copywriter. 

*But to answer your next question, no, you can’t just request the reading part. 

Please note that using the contact form below is not contractually binding. I reserve the right to decline dossier orders at my own discretion.  If your order is accepted, you will receive a follow-up email with a questionnaire to ensure your dossier covers what you’re most interested in it covering. You will also be sent an invoice for the order, which is due upon receipt. 

Payment is expected upon order, and will be invoiced via Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.  No exceptions. 

All tarot dossiers are created on demand. Postage costs are included in your order. Dossiers are shipped 10-14 business days from order.