Hush Tarot

Hush Tarot

by Jeremy Hush

This deck is destined to become a classic, because it’s great for readers at any stage from beginner to advanced. 

The guidebook packs a lot of knowledge and wisdom into its short 65 pages, and included one customized card spread and a small blank notes section. 

The cards come in a sturdy, lidded box, and are of moderate card weight with a glossy finish that makes them easy to shuffle, if a little slippery at first. The cards are slightly more square and squat than a standard deck, but it’s easy to handle and the slightly more square size is uniquely suited to the art, which is somewhere between a 19th century Victorian “memento mori” aesthetic (think funerary jewelry and lockets, etc.) and a nature deck –it combines images of both humans and animals into a visual style that is concomitantly symbolic of both decay and regeneration. 

Card meanings don’t include images in the guidebook, due to the size and brevity of the guide. Meanings are short and to the point, and include both upright and reversal meanings, as well as easy-to-memorize, short card explanations, meaning that a beginner or novice reader would have no problems with the deck — it’s infinitely accessible to readers at any level of experience. However, if a new reader wants more historical context or information, they’d likely need an additional book, because while suited for a beginner, it also assumes a working knowledge of how to read, charge, care for, and approach the deck. 

This deck has quickly become one of my go-to daily decks, because it’s easy to work with and very pretty, with just a touch of the macabre. Great for everyday use, I imagine it would be fantastic for professional readers simply because the energy of the deck is quite approachable, and the art is detailed, elegant, and rich with layers of meaning. 

Easy to come by, priced moderately, and accessible, which is why I foresee this one’s popularity only growing over time.