Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice

publishing goblins oracle dice

by Seven Dane Asmund

This is a really interesting one to rate and write about, because it feels part divination book and part RPG book. There is also a “cheat sheet” PDF that comes with these items. 

There’s either a set of dice, a set of oracle cards, or both, depending on your preference. The guide works with either/both. There’s also a mat which can be used for readings, but it’s not required, though it does an an extra layer of divination as well as a nice surface to cast the die on. 

There are  14 oracle dice, in a traditional 16mm 6-sided-dice format, with each face is unique. The 14 dice include: 

  • Actions 
  • Alchemists
  • Autumn
  • Element
  • Fate 
  • Majors
  • Mariners
  • Metamorphosis
  • Obstacles
  • Relations
  • Spring
  • Suits
  • Summer
  • Winter

The guidebook is well thought-out and easy to use, even for dice novices. Depending on whether you combine the dice with the mat, the oracle deck, the guide, or other elements simply gives more context to your readings. Each die is organized into one page per die face, with a basic explanation of the die face essence, what it means as the core of a reading, and other unique elements. 

This set/book is best suited for RPG fans who like to dabble in divination, though diviners looking for something new will also find this to be an interesting idea — kind of like runes or staves, but you know, make it a little D&D, too. As a RPG n00B, it took me a while to get the hang of using the mat but once I’d read the guide back-to-back it all started to click and this is actually one of my favorite “drunk Kickstarter purchases” (we’re all getting through the pandemic in our own way.) 

The book is very well-edited with no typos that I encountered, and it makes sense no matter whether you’re a pro at using dice or it’s completely new to you. 

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