The Fantod Pack

by Edward Gorey 

This is a very small 20 card Edward Gorey oracle deck — ostensibly created by Madame Groeda Weyrd, a Finnish/Egyptian divinator and author of Floating Tambourines and The Future Speaks Through Entrails.

So, basically, *exactly* what you’d expect of an Edward Gorey oracle deck.

The guidebook is surprisingly thick, 32 pages, and I’ll be real with you, even though some of each card’s meanings are very, very random (Wednesday, catarrh, frustrated ambitions, etc.) but I will also say this deck is SURPRISINGLY accurate. For example, the last time I used it in a reading at the end of the day and the meaning of one of the cards I pulled included “loss of jewelry.” Earlier in the day, I’d lost one of my favorite earrings. This has happened more than once.

The deck is really high quality, the box is lidded and sturdy, the guidebook is saddle stapled and on heavy card stock, and the card themselves are sturdy and glossy. The corners are quite sharp, however, and the cards are more narrow than a standard deck, so shuffling it is a unique experience.

If you love the Gashleycrumb Tinies and tarot, you’ll love this deck.