The Vampire Tarot

The Vampire Tarot

by Robert M. Place

Beautiful deck, very glossy card stock. The cards are slightly oversized but still easy to shuffle. The glossy finish of the cards makes the shuffle a little slower, but it’s not disruptive to using it for a draw. The back of the cards have a stylized, sort of classic vampire image. 

The cards and suits are all rooted in the history & lore or vampires — specifically Dracula — as well as Bram Stoker’s personal life & the circumstances under which Dracula was written. The guidebook is more than a tarot guidebook; it’s also a critical work examining the structure of tarot divination, Bram Stoker, Victorian social & sexual mores, vampirism symbiology in art, film & literature, the mythology of Dracula, & how the work transformed literature. 

Each subject is treated with academic attention, so a literature student and a tarot student alike will find much to learn & enjoy from the book, which clocks in at around 225 pages with a solid bibliography for further reading. 

There are a few substitutions for the major arcana, like The Madman, Van Helsing, Fate & Jonathan (The Fool). The minor suits are knives (swords), holy water (cups), stakes (wands), & garlic flowers (pentacles). 

The deck & book are sort of hard to come by, by well worth the hunt.