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Grimalkin Tarot

I’ve been eyeing this artist’s decks for a while, finally settling on the Grimalkin Tarot when a cat came into my life to live with me, and the cat enjoys when I read tarot, so this deck seemed appropriate.

Guardians of the Night Tarot

This deck is very much like other decks by this particular creator — that said, if you like one of their decks, you will likely appreciate most of their decks. If you don’t like their work, then this deck is unlikely to change your mind. Unlike some of their other decks (specifically, The Crow Tarots and Grimalkin), this deck has a great range of animal life depicted in the cards.

The Forager’s Daughter Tarot

by Jessica Lei Howard (1st Edition) This is one of the prettiest, highest-quality independent tarot decks I’ve ever backed. The style of the deck is Art Nouveau, with the same delicate flourishes and attention to detail that the style is known for. The deck comes in a sturdy, attractive lidded box for shelf-friendly storage, and […]

Hush Tarot

by Jeremy Hush This deck is destined to become a classic, because it’s great for readers at any stage from beginner to advanced.  The guidebook packs a lot of knowledge and wisdom into its short 65 pages, and included one customized card spread and a small blank notes section.  The cards come in a sturdy, […]

Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice

by Seven Dane Asmund This is a really interesting one to rate and write about, because it feels part divination book and part RPG book. There is also a “cheat sheet” PDF that comes with these items.  There’s either a set of dice, a set of oracle cards, or both, depending on your preference. The […]

Tarot of Mystical Moments

This is a surrealist digital art collage deck, and the art of Catrin Welz-Stein will appeal to fans of decks like her Oracle of Mystical Moments (great to read with both, more on that deeper in the review), Liz Houston’s Dreamkeepers tarot, Elisabeth on Earth oracle, Cult of Weimar, the surrealist art of Carrie Ann Baade or MANDEM, etc. If you’re not a fan of digital art collage, this deck is unlikely to sway you. But if this art is your jam, this deck will become a favorite.

Kitchen Table Tarot

Wow. I read a lot of tarot books (and consequently, a lot of tarot books geared toward novices) and all I can say is that it’s exhilarating to see tarot readers of my generation (Gen Xish) coming into the field of tarot writers. Like Michelle Tea’s Modern Tarot, this is, I believe, an instant classic in terms of learning and teaching tarot.

Oz Tarot

by Barclay Mountain Co  This is an independently produced Oz Tarot deck that includes illustrations inspired by the whole of the Oz series by L. Frank Baum.  It comes in a sturdy, 2-piece rigid box for easy shelf storage. The interior of the box is the yellow brick road, which was a delightful detail to […]

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

This is a very unique addition to your tarot collection, combining traditional tasseography symbols (many of which have been combined to distill tasseography into a manageably-sized deck, and by “manageably-sized,” I mean 200 cards – 182 tasseography symbols, 12 month cards, 6 Astral House cards.)

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot

Mini deck is around the size of a standard bridge deck, only slightly smaller than a Lenormand deck. The mini version comes in a heavy, 2-piece lidded box that feels like it might be linen. Even on the smaller sized deck, the printing quality is premium, and you can appreciate the detail of each card. The cardstock is substantial and delivers a satisfying crack from a bridge shuffle.